Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Highlight: MAC Cream Colour Base

Recently the idea of "highlighting" one's face has come to my attention. I came across a few articles about highlighter while stalking other blogs and I decided I had to try it. Me being a hardcore MAC fan, of course that was the first place I went. One of their lovely beauticians checked my face out and handed me this miracle pot: Cream Colour Base in Hush.
A warm peachy colour with a hint of shimmer. Apply to the inner corners of eyes, on the brow bone under the eyebrow and under the outer eye, on the bridge of your nose and on the cupids bow. Seriously life changing. For someone who looks perpetually tired it really brightens my eyes up and gets rid of that dull look that winter can sometimes bring to the skin. My new never leave home without product. Go and try some! xx

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